The Pacific ocean really exists!!! Whoo

Very pretty.


The Pacific ocean really exists!!! Whoo

Very pretty.

Planet Six


Seafood noodles, mango mian mian bing, mixed fruit and mango shaved ice, stinky tofu, and yan su ji!

(sorry for the mixed english and chinese caption idk what some of these are called in english) 


Recap: Planet Seven

We pop over to ‘Planet Seven’ as two of its inhabitants’ are having a little catch up. What exciting adventures have they been up to? What fascinating plans do they have for the weekend?… it all gets a bit much for one of them.

You can never recover from trauma, only cope. One way to cope is to tell yourself you were once abducted by aliens.


Literature, American University.

'You Can't Go Back: Trauma, Temporality and Fantasy in Slaughterhouse Five and Going After Cacciato'


Artist Seung Yul Oh recreates common Korean noodle dishes, but with a spectacular twist. Using synthetic resin, a pair of chopsticks float 12-feet-high, with dangling noodles flowing all the way down into the bowl. 

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